About us

Are you also one of the top fans of the young fashion brand Fine Furs? Or you are here acidentally and you are looking about for the first time? Anyway, let´s have a look at our production, the beginning of the project or find more about the uniqueness of our products.

How we originate the brand Fine Furs?

As a huge number of fashion projects also the Fine Furs brand was made because of strong discontent with the quality of usual products. I always prefer sustainable fashion pieces and it was impossible to find high quality winter clothes made from natural materials for fair price. One day after another unsuccessful shopping  I made a crucial decision. I stopped to make compromises and started to looking for a handy seamstress who could be able to sew fashion pieces decorated with the real fur for me.

That is the way how the project started, while I did not know about it yet. I spent more than a week by searching suppliers and materials which could come up to my pessimal expectations about quality. A few days later the seamstress started to make first fashion pieces. Just for me. And our efforts payd off. I got a lot of nice compliments and strong public interest was at the slow beginning of the brand Fine Furs at 2015. Since 2019 you can find us also in our showroom in Havířov (after agreement) which is full of our amazing pieces. 

Winter clothes and accessories made from sustainable materials

Now we do not specialize only in winter clothes. We upgrade our offer with original accessories not only for summer. And we did not stop with furs, now you can find  also another goods mado from more sustainable materials as sheep wool, cashmere or real leather.

We are observed in top quality of used materials and also to accurate treating of every detail. We are constantly following last fashion trends and we upgrade our offer with new amazing pieces. The advantage is our flexibility. We know that not every woman can have the physique like a model so we can accomodate most of them to your physique. We offer small adjustments and also custom sewing. Personal and nice approach and professional consultancy, that is a matter of course.


The founder of the Fine Furs is looking for your questions and orders. I will be also happy to see you in our showroom.


Alexandra Františová and the Fine Furs team!